Infinitas Cms is a open source content management system that is designed to be fast and user friendly, with all the features you need.

Responsive Layout
From desktop to mobile

Responsive Layout

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User management

Secure login with unlimited levels

Create unlimited user levels and control who can see what in your application

Mass actions

Modify multiple records simultaneously

Copy, move, delete toggle and more actions on multiple rows at the click of a button

Modify behavior

Powerful plugin system for extending and customising

Build and install plugins to tailor your site or application, from simple image galleries to blogs, content management, eCommerce or CRM


Build using MVC and fully themeable

Create themes for your application that change the way it looks completely, even using more than one theme within your application


Manage everything from the backend

From configuring plugins, to SEO optimisations, friendly urls and more all configurable from the backend


Create newsletter campaigns

Send out newsletters directly from the backend while including dynamic elements such as latest products, posts and any other content

Dynamic modules

Build pages with dynamic content blocks

Include dynamic blocks of content with simple sintax when creating content pages or via the module loader

Record locking

Lock records while editing

While editing a record other users will not be able to access it and possibly overwrite any changes made

Developer friendly

Event system for complete controll

Hook directly into the core and modify everything from how data is fetched to the final output and styles


User guides and API reference

Code is well documented with guides available for users, designers and developers as well as the API reference

Open Source

Flexible MIT licence

All code is open source and available on GitHub under the MIT licence making it compatible with commercial products

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